Full Moon a DUD?

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Jan 15, 2011
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I have a Full Moon that is 12 weeks in flower under 1000w HPS and there is little if any trich production and a test of a bud has shown that I might have just as well plucked something along the fence and stuffed it in the pipe. According to Nirvana the plant should take 12-14 weeks to finish so probably 14-16 would be more accurate. I would think I should have plenty of trichs by now but have never grown a strain from the equatorial region before so don't know what to expect. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

IMG_0270 (683x1024).jpgIMG_0271 (1024x683).jpg
Not sure never had that befor..Hope someone will chime in too help..take care and be safe
Did you start this plant from seed or clone?
It was started from seed. I got them from Nirvana and they were very small. I only got the one to pop so may be a seed issue, I don't know. I was hoping that someone else has grown this and would chime in but out of 2 different forums, no one has.
Looks like it's been through some stress
could be delaying it.
Also those equatorial sats can be all over the place on finish time.

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