Germinating Tangerine Dream

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Read a few threads recently about a lack of success germinating Tangerine Dream from Barney's Farm. I recently received 5 T.D. beans from Barney's and got 100% germination in 60 hrs. using paper towels sprayed with liquid kelp (1oz/gal sterile water). The beans were pre-soaked for 3 hrs. in the same liquid kelp solution after which they were transferred to the paper towels and kept at about 75 degrees in the dark. 60 hrs later 5 little tap roots were visible and the seeds were put in the soiless mix with a dash of Myco Madness bacteria/fungi mix in the seed hole. If this seems a little to easy, it was. I use this technique for all my germinating and have never had a problem. Always 100% germination. Hope this helps.
I just popped two into the soil a couple of days ago. I soaked the seeds in a glass of water for 3 fulls days until I noticed the taproots starting to come out of the shells. I then put them in a plastic baggie using the paper towel method on top of my DVR. In less than 24 hours the taproots were almost a quarter inch long. I was also nervous about them not germing.
maybe they are just hard/dry seed and need that soaking? none of my Tangerine Dream germinated, but everything else around them did; and nothing was "pre soaked" to soften up the husk...


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