Getting indoor/outdoor photoperiod in sync

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Aug 30, 2006
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Hey everyone. Haven't posted on here in a looooong time. I have a question regarding photoperiod. I have 6 Skunk #1s that have been vegging a little over three weeks now at 18/6. My indoor timer has not been set drastically different from the outdoor schedule, (lights on at 7:00am off at 1:00am), but in order to get the plants 'acclimated' to the outdoor light cycle they should be more in sync, should they not?

As of now, sun up here is at about 6:30am and it is dark at about 9:30pm. By the end of this month, when they will be transferred outdoors, light should be at about 5:30-6am and dark at about 10:30pm.

My question is, can I start to dial back the hours of light slowly without inducing flowering or causing hermies? Say, if I started to turn the timer back 15 minutes or so every few days untill my indoor light cycle matches the sun up/sundown schedule, do you think I would be safe? I know Skunk #1, (from Sensi), is about as stable genetically as can be, so that should help.

Thanks all!
You must be waaay up north!

If you're already at 18/6 and you expect to be the outdoor daylight to be 17/7 or so, you really won't need to adjust your light schedule. Just make sure you harden them off when you put them outside- keep 'em shaded for a few days and slowly introduce full sunlight.

I've taken plants from 24/0 to 14/10 to get them ready for outdoors (transition time was about 2 weeks). They made the switch no problem. Should be a walk in the park for your girls.

Good luck!
Yep, southern Michigan. That's a relief, thanks for the help!

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