going to try an experiment!

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Jan 30, 2006
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hey all!
i have a plant that i know i cant get finished up in time, as i mentioned a week or so ago. and i am going to try to force it into flowering at 4 weeks and 6 inches tall. yes i know this is pretty retarted and it will not work well at all but like i said i have no way to get it done in time and i dont pay for utilities so what the hell? lol. has anyone ever done this? im just curious as to what im going to get by doing this. ive given up on this plant, but i will be back in sept when i move into my new home and am able to spend a bit of money on the right stuff and spend some time. haha, just wondering what everyone's opinion is! later!
It'll work. I've done it before. You wont get a lot, but hey, it's better than nothing.
whats up flymadness. Eggman is right. you just wont get as much when it comes to harvest.
Eggman is right. Grow it out and smoke it. :D
hahaha, thats awesome! i was just going to do this as an experiment and it turns out i can get a little bit of bud from it? rockin! thanks all, ill see what i get from this one and then in sept i will be back with better stuff. looking at seeds for then has anyone ever grown California Orange Bud? i know this is off topic but its a strain im considering for sept. thanks!

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