Grass infused cbd oil

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Sep 2, 2022
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The thc level in my cbd oil seemed very low and I decided to steep a little grass in it.
Has anyone tried this ?

I don't particularly want to get stoned but they do say that cbd may work better with a higher ratio of thc to cbd.
Depends on what you are attempting to achieve from the herb
Pain relief , help sleeping, awareness etc......
I remember from my time(long distant) when I smoked grass that it was very good for sleep (and gave interesting dreams)

That would be the sort of thing I would be looking at and the cbd oil that I bought was not that great along those lines.

I figure to up the thc to cbd ratio by a little to see does it work better.
Hmm, I haven't personally encountered such a situation, but isn't CBD oil used in food?
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I wasn’t aware grass had THC in it. And here I have been growing cannabis to get THC…

Joking aside, cannabis or ‘grass’ needs to be decarboxylated to convert THC-A into THC. Steeping cannabis that has not been decarbed is a waste of bud…
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