Grassy smell during dry

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May 2, 2018
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Southeastern Massachusetts
Hello all, I currently have a room with close to 1,000 plants in in, half White 99 and half Larry OG in the cultivation facility I work in. I have run the temp and humidity at 68 degrees and 55-60% humidity. I am getting a real grassy smell similar to the smell you get when you put your weed in jars or bags too wet and don't burp them enough. These plants are still hanging and they are on day 4. I have never had a smell like this is the dry. I also am not really familiar with the Larry OG but I believe it may be the culprit. If anyone has any input here I would love to hear it. Also do any of you all work in a post harvest department in the industry. If so introduce yourself and lets talk shop. Feel free to bounce any questions or ideas off of me in the future as well. Thanks in advance.


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Haven't grown either one of those so I'm not sure. I haven't had that grassy smell in yrs. The last time i had that was with some bag seed and i have no idea what strain it was.
I am sure that the owners of the facility that large hired personnel that were qualified to handle just about any situation.

Your supervisor should be well qualified and have a resume that is sound enough to answer most questions.

If no one at your facility can answer your question , well then there might be more problems coming down the pike.

How long have you worked there?

Is this your first harvest at this facility?

all the best

You guys taught me the 60/60 thing and I have had great luck after that. I even had a buddy have me dry his outdoor stuff this year and it turned out great smell and taste wise... That looks like an awful whole bunch of weed to not have someone involved there who hasn't been around the block once or twice. Hmmmm... Let's see...

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