Gravity Bong / Gravity Joint

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hell yeah.... I am going to try that tonite.
Mutt said:
hell yeah.... I am going to try that tonite.
it's pretty cool. i'm going to try it this weekend. i'm curious to see how it will work. :cool:
God-damnit. Be careful. having the bulb break in your hand is not very comfortable. and really messy. (yep, Its monday and the "I'm a dumbass" rule applied). :(
Edit: couldn't wait until tonite to try the lightbulb thing. Works great. thanks B. Grunt awesome find.
i just did it, the vaporizer, and i didnt like it to much but it might take a minute to get used to.
yeah, it did taste strange. got a decent buzz off 2 hits.
Are you supposed to hold the flame directly under the bulb or like 1/2 cm under the bulb.
a little under. right on the bulb it just cooks it. (gets too hot)
I thought it was awesome when he added the salt to the bulb. I always wonder how to get that powdery shit out.
haha the mighty grav. bong... The staple of the u.s. college kid's party life for many years.
was that a coffee filter????
Mutt said:
was that a coffee filter????
they dont show it but its rolling papers put together and cut to make a cone.

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