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Jul 12, 2005
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Strain: White Rhino x GS
Flowering: 8-10 weeks
Finish: Mid-late October
Planted: June 10/05

I planted late so I'm not expecting the large yeild these plants are supposed to be giving me but next year I'll know better.

I've got a cross between White Rhino and GS. GS being the weed I smoked all winter and it is an invention of a breeder in my area. Hes never produced a bad bud. The man is amazing. All I know is, white rhino is delishious, GS was amazing, so these plants should be doubly awesome.
My plants are now 5 weeks or so old. Their about 8-10 in tall and they still have a month of vegitative growing to do....I'm getting excited already too bad I'll be waiting 3-4+ months to smoke this shit. Theres nothing like a fresh home grown bud.


I started training my plants alittle to bush them out.
This morning I went out to adjust the LST ties and found a branch with 2 nice bud sites totally limp and looking thirsty as hell. They were shriveled but alive. It looks like I must have tied it to almost the breaking point and then a gust of wind of something made it split open. Anyhoo, I tied the branch back up so that teh wound is closed.

If I was smart I would have just snipped it and used it as a clone.

Is there anything else I can do to help it recover from this quicker and maybe even save the branch?

heres a pic of the injury as it sits right now.


week 6-1.JPG
all you can do now is wait it out. the split will heal. Your plants are looking very nice.
After I tied that back on it was already back to being healthy by the next morning, however the branch directly across from it on the same node was limp and broken. So I tied that one the same and it is also back to normal and healing nicely. The rest of the plants are getting rather large.

I cant' imagine how huge they would be if I had planted them at the right time. That extra 3 weeks of growth probably makes up for 6-8 inches of lost growth.

oh well.
Begining of week 7 and the plants nearly doubled in size in the past week or so. I havn't looked at them in afew days and when I did I was very happy with the progress.

The bugs that were eating the plants seem to have dissappeared and there is very little leaf damage now. HOWEVER, I found some eggs on the bottom of one of the leaves during my inspection. Does anyone know what species these little white eggs belong to. See picture below.

The look and feel like tiny globs of parafin wax.



eggs week 7.jpg
I was away for work this week and I worried about the plants the whole time I was gone. But when I returned tehy had grown signifigantly. They seem to have also over grown their spacing. Time to make a new stand for them.

Here are some pictures of them today....the begining of week 8 from germination.

week 8-2.jpg

week 8-1.jpg
Looks great man.

Those are really strange eggs, I wouldn't have a clue what these are. You say you have found them underneath the leaves? Maybe caterpillar eggs. You surely don't want them on your plants because they can eat your plants within a weeks time.
I discovered what those eggs were from.
Yesterday I woke up and found that a leaf was dying, I flipped it over and found about 20 caterpillars eating the leaf. Luckily I caught them just after they hatched, and the infestation was contained on that one leaf. Thank god. Anyhoo, I disposed of the whole branch and rechecked for more eggs and found none. I think I got very lucky on finding that nest on the morning it hatched. If they had spread it would have been bad news.

TODAY IS DAY 1 OF FLOWERING for 3/4 of my plants. They are all female but I'm not sure if I should be happy or sad. I was hoping to get seeds from them so I wanted atleast one male. :(

Anyhoo, I saw the first sets of white pistles today. And flowering started right on time. These plants should take 8-10 weeks to flower which will make it around early to mid october. We are expecting our first frost in mid to late october so its perfect.
Good news, well for me anyways.
I got the one male I wanted. Now comes the hard part.... collecting pollen in my secondary grow area (far far far away from my females) without bringing pollen back to my primary grow area. This should be interesting. I think if I collect the pollen from the first few sacs before they burst I should be able to better control the spread of the pollen and keep alot of it off my cloths. Plus I'll shower and wash my cloths before I go back to my primary.

Hopefully this will work out.

I've heard that you can clip a bud from a flowering female, move it indoors and pollenate just that bud then place it in water and it will seed.

Is this true?
camp, that female bud would need roots in order to grow the seeds. can take a branch from the male, that contains unopened flowers, cut it off just as you would if cloning, place it in a glass of water setting atop a mirror or pane of glass. As the flowers open and drop pollen, it can be easily collected with a razor blade. Simply use an artists paint brush or cotton swabb to "paint" pollen on to a selected female bud, being carefull not to distibute it in unwanted areas.
Your plants look delectable.
Did you top them when they were young?
yes I topped them when they were about 4 weeks old I think. It was just after the first 5 bladed fan leaves developed.

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