Grow box almost done!!!!!

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Oct 13, 2005
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I installed a metal duct opening at the bottom and installed a hook for the light with a hole to run wires out. I bought a cpu fan, it's a Dynex 120mm case fan but i dont know how to wire it. So please help thats the last thing i need to install.



here's the fan. I was recomended to use (2), but two small CPU fans Ive seen other people use on this site rated the air flow at 34.6 CFM. This one rates it at 73.70 almost like two little ones. Either way I might add one more anyways to be safe.

That is one nice lookin cab. Save up for an HPS though. save man. next time you want to buy an ounce. go to inside sun spend 100 bucks total for a 250watt and grow your own ounce. and another and another, ;)
Thanks dude, I'm gonna try an hps light for flowering 150w-200w, dunno yet. Hopefully I'll get an ounce, F#@$ retail!!!!!!! 250watt HPS remote ballast with bulb and reflector shipped to my door for 98 bucks total. ;). Be perfect for that cab.
Do a lot of LST and keep those florous close. Veg. under the flroous for 4 weeks. then switch to the HPS. You don't want any light change or stress until after the fourth week. ;)
thanks for the info, I'm just waiting for someone who can help me wire my cpu fan. HELP PLEASE I WANT TO START GROWING!!!!
ok, dude. give me a pic of the voltage requiremnts. Or just type it. whther or not it means anything to you or not. I'll help you out. It will take a little bit of investment at ole radio shack. (not much at all)
This is what the specs say:

Size: 120mm-120mm-25mm
Rated: 0.31 A
Current: 0.32 A (MAX)
Speed: 2100 RPM + 10%
Air flow 73.70CFM
Noise level 38.50 dBA
Static pressure: 0.12 (inch-H20)
Weight: 210 grams

is this all the info you need?

Lookin for input voltage. If its not listed. Give me the model,part, and serial number.
just type in the model # in their search and you'll be able to see it better.
check your PM. If you have any questions post em. ;)

Just wanted to make sure it wasn't an AC fan. for ya.

DC fans you need an adapter Radio chack has em cheap. just bring the fan in with ya. ;) They'll match the voltage.
This is the famous wall wort. You need to match the input voltage to this.The link I sent you in your PM will explain the rest. ;)

The one I showed ya was:
Input 120VAC (house current)
Output is 9VDC @ 300mA (thats nine volts Direct Current @ 300 milliAMPS)

That means my wall wort will run a fan that requires 9 volts DC.

Go to Radio Shack and ask em. tell em your trying to cool a transformer with it and need to wire it to a wall outlet. ;)

Note: typical fan is 12VDC, but always check. ;)

what the hell is a transformer just incase they ask? Ha Ha!
Don't worry about it. Just say your nephew or something said he needed it for his project. ;)

Once you get the part post it up.

Sorry dude: My buzz is kickin in. Tranformer is the wal-wort or a ballast. anything that transforms one voltage to another voltage. Every electronic peice of equipment has one.
whats up AZshwagg. i see you are in full swing with your grow box, and might i say it is looking good. a few more things in there and you will be good to grow. ;)

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