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Apr 3, 2011
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Hey guys. Took a bit of a backseat when I joined basically to read and learn. THERE'S ALOT :eek: lol. pretty much knew nothing about growing when I started but from alot of the threads here I am starting to pick up a few things. Looking now to purchase a Grow tent in the coming months which i'm excited about. I just wanted to see if any of you guys know of a place with a laymens terms "basic" grow guide that actually explains "WHAT" your using and "WHY" your using it. Theres tonnes of stuff about set ups and pot sizes or light sizes but then you guys start going on about "Nutes and Ph and Feeding the plants or level this and level that......Then i'm lost lol :holysheep: Any info/ time would be greatly appreciated. :)
Hi Mul,
I have not been growing for long, 6 months, so I understand your dilemma.
Yes, there is loads of reading to do and it can get very confising, I too wanted some kind of "grow bible" and I did read a couple, The Big Book Of Buds" is quite good, the growing guide here is quite good but there are gaps in both and both seem to me to have been written a long time ago as a lot seems to have changed.

I would suggest starting with your space, in your case, tent. The size of tent will dictate your light. For veg 3,000 lumens per sq ft min, flowering, 5,000.For veg, blue spectrum bulb, flowering, red. (I use Sunmaster dual spectrum bulbs which is another option) I would recommend HPS (High pressure sodium) lights as these provide the most efficient lumens/watt ratio.

Then you need to ventilate your tent. Work out the volume of the tent, (H x W x L) and look for an extractor to suck out the air between every 2 mins and 4x per min. So, if your tent is 4ft x 4 ft x 7ft, thats 112cubic feet, so to exchange the air once per minute, you need at least a 112cfm extractor fan. If you need a carbon filter, add roughly 25% as they slow the rate of extraction. You will also need an oscillating fan to help strengthen the stems and generally move air around.

Then decide your method, Hydro, soil, CoCo. I grow with hydro and if someone tells you it is complicated, punch them!! It doesnt have to be. Check out DWC (Deep water culture), it is very simple and the results are excellent. Many beginners start in soil because they think it is easier, in my humble opinion with no previous botanical skills, all methods are daunting.
For hydro, you will need a ph meter and a ec or ppm meter. You will still need a ph meter for soil as ph is a very important factor in growing.

I wont go on any more, I will leave that to others as I feel there is enough there to get you at least thinking without boiling your brain.
The guys here are usually very helpful and as long as you invest your time and effort into learning, they will be more than happy to help.

I would also suggest trying to be quite specific when asking for help, the more details you give, the better the advice.

Welcome to MP and heres some green mojo to get you started.
Peace W
If you want to know about nutrients then read this. hXXp://

Will give you a basic idea of what nutrients do what. PH just regulated the amount of nutrients the roots absorb.
Hey guys thanks for the tips. easily the most easy to understand for me so far. Now I have some new roads to follow :) Cheers

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