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Hungarian Gypsy

Cosmo Kush is the best!
Jun 2, 2011
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My main girl has small leaves at the bottom, but as it's growing the top leaves are full and longer than the bottom leaves. Is this a good thing?
Yeah that sounds alright. As it grows yu will see the new growth get bigger and stronger than the older growth. By the time it is over a foot tall it will have dropped those first few leaves and will be growing lots of pretty new, bigger leaves. On my plants there are some fan leaves that are bigger than my hand (and I have pretty big hands for a small guy)
Everything is okay, just doing what plants do. You'll see the round ones go yellow and die around a week or two. The newest leaves will always come out bigger and better, should also have more fingers than the last set.

Just keep an eye on em. your doing the best thing for them by looking for issues. Dont get too stressed though cuz then instead of asking for some opinions, you'll freak and do something bad (tying to help them) and it will just end in disaster.

If thats your baby on your pro pic than Id say she looks pretty good.

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