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May 11, 2007
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Positive Rep to Gypsi Nirvana! Another successful order in about 10 days. The best part is, they are giving out Spice of Lifes Blue Sattilite 2.2 freebies!! I have almost bought the Blue Sattilite so many times and I finally got them. I ordered the Chunk D from Cannacopia seeds which is a cross of Deep Chunk and Sour Diesel. You guys will probably be seeing an outdoor jurnoul on these babies in about two weeks.
I guess Im the only one here that orders from Gypsi Nirvana but Ill keep udating this thread incase a newbie comes along and is looking for a reputable seedbank.

Today I placed another order through Gypsi and this time I ordered Chimera's C-Plus. Its a cross of DJ Shorts Blueberry and a Cali Orange clone. Sounds delicious to me. You guys have no idea how excited I am to start this grow(or maybe you do). I urge you all to check out Chimera, his gear is amazing. He is a true artist and is not out for the money in the seed business IMO. It takes him years to come out with a new strain and they are all money.
It is six days later and I have recieved my order along with ten freebies! 6 days is a record for me.
maineharvest said:
I guess Im the only one here that orders from Gypsi Nirvana...
I placed an order with Gypsi Nirvana in January and was very pleased with them. No problems at all. Ironically, the only reason I placed an order with them because I had problems with my first order from Attitude and my shipment was delayed. Not blaming Attitude as their customer service was great in straightening out my order.

I got the Blue Satellite 2.2 freebies too. I'm waiting on cooler weather to pop them.
i got the blue sat.2.2 freebies last yr with an order also.
i think they were feminized.
planted them this yr. 2 females. the rest turned out males.
Maine, was your freebies fem. ?
My one and only order from a seedbank was with them 5 years ago :rofl:. Have since moved to "greener pastures" (some excellent seed circles out there...not on here of course). I won't elaborate LOL but couldn't beat the price and they delivered with gypsy.
Yea, I used them in 2007. My freebie was a durban poison x skunk.

It took forever to get
Another sucessful order from Gypsi! I got a pack of Cannacopias GeniusxDeepChunk. The Genius is from a seed found in a bag of Sensi Seeds Jack Herrer. The best part is I got a freebie five pack of Sweet Tooth 3! The seeds are said to be about 8 years old and people have been getting low germ rates but these seeds are very rare and are not sold anymore so I will be happy with just one male or one female, I dont really care as long as I get one seed to germ.

So once again I am a completely satisfied customer with no complaints. Oh yeah I think it took 9 days to get here. Not bad.
Wow ten years is a long time. That a strong little seed. Im going to wait for my next grow to germ these and Ill use them to do a little breeding project.

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