Happy 4/20/11!!

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Don’t eat that pancake.
Jul 18, 2009
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12:01 am!!! 4/20 PST


happy 4:20 all day yall!!!
Hey! Pass it my way! Happy 420! I would smoke extra today in commemoration, except I can't imagine smoking more than I already am.. I'll try, though.
:48: :48:
:48: :48: I brought some for everyone :aok: Happy 4/20!
Happy 4/20 everyone!!! Out gettin my furthest plot in order this morning. This one batch is just bagseed, as it's a hike to get to this location LOL
I hope everyone enjoys the day :)


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Just woke up...did a wake-n-bake consisting of a fat bowl of Obama OG with purple OG hash on top...

The doctor send his best wishes to all getting heavily "medicated" out there. You know I will be here doing just that. Its almost like a 2nd birthday to me. Plus the deals at dispensaries don't hurt. :hubba: LOL! JK but not really. Oh well.

Stay high everyone..It won't hurt you.
well at 1:20a.m. i blazed some og kush and backdoored it with some sour diesel what a why to start 4:20.

oh hey OHC
Happy 4 20 people. Time to get out the special smoke, that cola I have been saving.
Have fun you all!
Happy 4/20 to you all :woohoo:
consisting of a fat bowl of Obama OG

How good can any weed with Nobama be?
Hey everybody, Happy 4-20!

Hope all is well and the day is great.

Goin' to try to get an epic 4/20 session sometime this evening. Like someone mentioned earlier, smokin' more than normal might be difficult, but a worthwhile goal just the same.

Happy 4:20 to all! :woohoo: Now if we can just get something moving on this medical marijuana legislation!!! I'd be a happy little stoner then! I could quit hiding like a criminal and finally be accepted as a contributing member to society! Anyways:rant: Happy 4:20 to everyone, been a good year!

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