Happy Easter MP

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Dec 1, 2007
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Hope everyones Easter is fun filled...gonna go smoke some Bud now:ciao:
HAPPY EASTER, all! I too am off to smoke a fatty and then decide the direction I will be riding today!
Happy Easter :aok: Im about to light one up and then head to my moms for Easter lunch. Have a good one MP :D
After Friday at the in-laws and yesterday with my family, im looking forward to an Easter Sunday cleaning out my rooms, transplanting and then out for dinner and a few pints.

enjoy all.
Just returned home with an empty shopping basket, I forgot the stores will be closed today. Oh well, I have backup plans so no problems....just take a couple tokes and chill! Happy Easter all!
Happy Easter 4u!! Who know this maybe the yrs you find the eggs you hid a hour ago.
Happy Easter All You Tokers and Smokers!

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