Harvest questions

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If the harvest is set for 8:00PM on say tuesday, just when the light cycle is supposed to start are there any benefits from from doing it hours later in the lightcycle or is there any benefit or potential harm in running a 24 hr light cycle and then harvesting? Is there any difference in the smell you end up with if you cut during the light cycle when they smell the most as opposed to the dark cycle when they are putting out the least smell? THX
I don't think it matters. The smell of the mj will change considerably from the time its harvested to the time its smoked anyways.
I have always read for nidoor grows right before harvest at least a 24 hr. total darkness 48 hr. max is great for the harvest.
I've always considered an extended dark period just before harvest (I've heard everything from 2 days to 2 weeks) a marijuana myth.
I've tried many different cycles--gradually reducing light from veg to flower ("nature's way"--just takes longer, no benefits) to a 24/12 cycle ( 24 hours on, 12 hours off during flowering) to 1,2,3 & 4 days of darkness at the end with no discernable difference.
An extended dark period is something the plant does not encounter in nature, I think it's unlikely that something occurs to increase THC by doing it.
I don't recall the source, but I have read somewhere, that the plant is supposed to be most potent if harvested immeadiatly before lights on/daylight.

There was a seemingly valid explanation, that I can't seem to recall, either, at the moment...

damn CRS is really acting out this morning..

(CRS= can't remember shit) :D
What I read is that it reduces the amount of Chlorophyll by having no light which makes for a better harvest. May not be valid, but that is what I read.
Interesting. Maybe I'll give that a try when harvesting my HH

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