Has anyone heard of this strain?

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Aug 21, 2005
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I was talking to a buddy of mine who i got my seeds from ..
he told me the strain is called Crinkle .... (i dont know if this is spelled right) ..

has anyone heard of this strain??
He didnt say ..

he told me that they go for 45 dollars a seed and they are extremely potent ..

but i have a feeling that he's talking shit .

Thank you VERY MUCH for finding that info for me. .

well thats pretty cool then if im growing such a rare breed . . it must be the same because i am noticing that my plants are VERY short aswell .. its about 2 inches high but has over 18 leaves on it .. (much wider than it is high) .. it also smells like Rhubarb
ill take another picture of it again today and post it ..

once again . thanks for the research .. really appreciate it ..

-Mr Anonymous.
i just found another reference to "Crinkle" .. here is a picture of a harvested bud from a "Crinkle" plant

Hey, anytime. Nice bud pic. Looks nice and resinous.
Heres the latest pic i have of my Crinkle Plant . .

it may just be the picture but it has a nice color
ya its Very Nice color . . cant wait till harvest time

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