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Mar 21, 2011
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Hi guys just curious was doing some reading as im a newbi, couple questions concerning hash and bubble hash, you can make it from both female and male plants yes! and if so how long do you wait to use the males! as i thought the idea was to get rid of the males soon as pos and in doing so would they have had enough time to build up enough THC & Trichomes that would be needed for good hash.
You would need way to many males to even be worth anything...As for females...some use the trim after harvest as well as the smaller popcorn buds...I like to use Buds fresh dried on Screen for 24 hrs then into freezer till Im ready to make the Bubble...If ya need some extra help Give me a shout I love makeing bubble...But look and read here


take care and be safe:bolt::bong:
No, males are not good for hash. They are pretty much good for pollen or compost.
thanks guys appreciate your help grt forum this ;) so ive got 6 plants on the go at mo il take some individual plant pic's soon for help in sexing but so far im pretty sure i have 2 fems, but im only 3 days into 12/12 light cycle so fingers crossed i get more, so i will use females then so as i said if im doing a few crops as i intend to grow on regular basis fron now on :) will the leaves from each crop last ok so i can do a descent amount of bubble at one time and if so how would i store the leaves in a dry dark closet? freezer?
How long did you veg for bro? I ask as I sex my girls (and beat up the boys) whilst in veg, only the strains which are sativa dominant refuse show 'conclusively' untill the change.
4-5 weeks of 18/6 and sex shows. Maybe it`s the cycle as 24/0.....sorry I`ve hijacked yer thread dude....
Good luck with the Male-free hash!
veged them for about 6/8 weeks on 18/6 mate under cfl then bought a
400W halide a few days ago and went 12/12, as i said in earlier posts i was given a few seeds off a couple of mates so chances are there may be more than one strain of plant, one plant showed white pistils before i went 12/12 thats why i went and invested on the halides second plant showed white pistils on second day into 12/12 im 3 days in now and as yet its onlt 2 out of 6 so far thats are showing white pistils so il keep a close eye on them and post some pics at teh end of first week for you guys to have a look

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