hash from cystal

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i heard you can make hash out of the crystal left over from a (bud buster) coffee grinder is that true? and if so how?
Just press it in a press, that's all hash is, compressed crystal.

I do it with mine all the time.
A hash press, I guess - I don`t know what they are either. :(
wonder if my 20 ton hydraulic press will do? :)
LOL - prolly, but you`d need a mighty fine blade to scrape it up with. ;)
If you don't have a press........Put it in a pill bottle, put a quarter on top, and put the bottle under the leg of a table, so that the leg presses on the quarter (wich is in turn pressing the hash). Everday, add a few books to the corner of the table to make it heavier. Leave it there for a few days, and VOILA!!!
Here's a pic of my grinder:

LOL - I would NEVER have thought of that!
Ha ha ha - I am still waiting for the day I can make some sole hash - ha ha ha!

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