Heavenly Hash Grow 24/0 Week 3

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Sep 19, 2005
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I only have the one pic right now b/c the battery in my camera died right after taking that one, so I'll post some close up pics later

The 2 big ones are 22 days from germination, the small one is about 12 days from germination and the baby is about 7 days from germination.

Im probably going to put the plants into flowering once the baby reaches size of the biggest plant I have now cause by then the other ones will be much, much bigger I expect

PS In the last pic I believe those are female pistils..I know its still early in veg but the last plants Ive had that were showing those pistils early on in veg all turned out to be female

What do you guys think?






Yeah Im pretty sure they're female but dont wanna get my hopes up cause it is still pretty early on to be able to tell for sure.

By the way on the bigger plant I started gently bending the two largest secondary shoots upwards and already the plant has taken to the shape of having a canopy of 3 main shoots, this could have some good potential assuming its a she...
My experience tells me to never rely 100% om preflowers for IDing sex. Give 'em the 12/12 treatment before coming to a conclusion.
NICE short bushes!!!
Thanks Hick! Yeah Im not counting on them being female from the preflowers, just hoping.

About 12/12, Im gonna wait until the baby is as big as my biggest plant right now, by then everything else will be much much bigger and all should be ready to put into flowering :)

PS Ive been gently bending the 2 biggest secondary growth shoots up to the level of the main shoot and the plant has taken to it nicely as it appears that it will now have 3 main growth shoots and eventually/hopefully 3 king buds! :D
I guess I should've expected that by putting 4 plants in a closet I would run into space issues, I guess I just didn't expect those issues to pop up so soon :p

At this point Im thinking to kill off the smallest plant as it will still need at least a month before flowering. If I do this I will flower the plants once the 3rd biggest plant is about the same size as the 2nd one is now..You might think I'm impatient, but I've never flowered short and bushy plants before so Im curious to see what happens.

I'll post pics soon, and I'll hold off on killing the young plant till I get some feedback.

PS No plants are positively ID'd as female as of yet, but this is supposed to be a very good stable strain so I'm quite hopeful.
(hoping the best/expecting the worst and never disappointed)
sex them before you chuck any one of them... you wouldn't want to risk getting rid of your only female, would you?
well Ive ID'd female pre flowers on all plants but the smallest so far, although Im not heavily relying on the pre flowers to tell me anything, just giving me an idea (hopefully)

And the smallest plant Im thinking of getting rid of because it won't be big enough to sex for another month or so and by that time the plants I have now that are already big will be huge and I want so keep my plants short and bushy to leave more room for expansion during flowering

But yes BeaArthur I certainly wouldn't want to risk losing my only female, this is whats holding me back.

I'll post some more pics soon, been very very busy with work lately.
please don't chuck your small plant...

I had a 4-plant grow last spring. My biggest plant turned out male (typical) and the 3 other were female. By the time I cultivated, the smallest of the 3 females was just 1.5 inch smaller than the others and yeilded roughly the same amount of bud.

A trick, if you want to experiment a little, would be to give ferts only to your smallest plant until it catches up to the others. Once its caught up,you have a level playing field and your plants should grow at the same rate, or close.
Hmmm yes okay you've convinced me. I didn't want to kill my plant (I put a lot of love and time into these little things) in the first place but it was the only thing I could think to do to free up some space in the grow area.

I'll be posting some pics of my grow tomorrow, that will be 1 full month of 24/0 for the 2 big plants and 2 weeks for the 2 smaller ones.

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