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Sep 19, 2005
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10 days ago I successfully germinated 3/4 seeds. Two of them grew well as the other one struggled. I was giving up on the 3rd one and successfully germinated another 1 out of 2 seeds 2 days ago. The 3rd seed that wasnt doing so well was struggling because it grew upside down, with the roots above the soil and the set of tiny leaves below the soil. So now I had 2 plants growing healthilty (I think/hope) and 2 plants with their first set of leaves. Anyway heres a couple pics I took yesterday of the 2 healthy plants, the 2 babies werent planted in the planters at the time but the dirt was in the buckets just to make transplanting quicker once they were ready.
The lights are on 24/0 about 20 inches away from the plants
One 125 watt Solux Blue Spec Bulb
One 125 watt Solux Red Spec Bulb

Im looking forward to any feedback you guys might have, good or bad!



Those pics in my last post were from yesterday, heres some from today with all babies planted. Since those pics were taken earlier today in the pic of the 4 plants the plant on the top left has drooped low and looks about ready to call it quits, but on the bottom left the little guy has fully righted himself and looks to be growing healthily.


What type of lamps are solux?

Fluorescent? Incadescent? HPS?
Low UV Emission SoLux has the lowest UV output of any display lamp currently available. The combined UVA and UVB output of SoLux is as low as 8.55 microwatts per lumen.
Low Infra-Red Emissions SoLux's patented technology results in a larger reduction of Infra-Red rays, up to 80 percent, when compared to standard tungsten-halogen lamps.
The success of SoLux in simulating daylight makes its applications virtually endless:
TextilesFloral Arrangements
Color Matching
ImagingLight Therapy
Task Lighting
Product Highlighting
Indoor/Outdoor Landscaping
Photography Studios
Food Markets
Health Care
Retail Merchandising
Building Lobbies

I don't see any recommendation as a "grow" light. They appear to be metal halide lamps. NOT a good choice for growing.
The spectral power distribution of Solux is identical to daylight across the visible spectrum[/quote].."visible spectrum",,plants use much more light from the non-visible red and blue, (far end spectrum), than they do from the "visable".

White light, as it comes from the sun, is composed of waves of red light, through successively shorter waves to violet light. The band of colors that compose the visible spectrum of light (that which we can see) include, starting with the longest rays, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. The visible spectrum represents only a part of the radiant energy that comes from the sun and only a part of the visible spectrum is effective in photosynthesis.

Wavelengths exist that we our unable to perceive with our eyes. Beyond the red rays are still longer rays called infrared and beyond the violet rays are even shorter rays called the ultraviolet.
The fact that chlorophyll is green to the eye is evidence that some of the blue and red wavelengths of white light are absorbed, leaving proportionally more green to be transmitted, reflected and seen.

Much of the red, blue, indigo and violet wavelengths are absorbed and used in photosynthesis while part of the red and most of the yellow, orange and green are barely used in photosynthesis.
So Hick, from all that I'll take it your not recommending Solux as grow lights, but I must strongly disagree if this is the case. Of course Im not saying Solux is as good as HPS, but I do think it is a very good cheaper alternative, and is still far better than flouro's. And these 125 watt lamps are self ballasted, which I personally prefer.

In my last grow before buying the one Solux Red Spec bulb, I used 3 shoplight 48" with a 40W Sylvania Gro Lux Wide Spectrum bulb in each, so 240 watts of fluoro. From this grow I harvested one ounce from one plant.

In my most recent grow using the one 125w Solux Red Spec Bulb and 2 48" flouros each holding 2 40W Sylvania Gro Lux Wide Spectrum bulb in each, for a total of 285 watts. 160 flouro, 125 Solux
From this grow I harvested three ounces from one plant.
I know that this grow had 45 more watts that the last grow mentioned, but could 45 watts really make a 2 ounce difference? I dont think so..

Both grow setups were exactly the same, the only difference being the light.

I dont know the sciences behind all this Hick, all I know is what I see (and smoke) and so far I am very pleased with the results Ive gotten from the Solux bulbs. Thanks for any info you guys have, I really appreciate the feedback (whether I agree or not) esspecially from you guys Hick and Ganja. I know when you guys are tellin me something to listen up, but in this case Hick if your bashin' Solux I just have to disagree.

How do the plants look guys? The pics in my post from yesterday are 11 days after germination and are on 24/0. I think they're looking pretty good, although short. If I move my lights up will the plants stretch to reach the lights? My lights are about 18 inches from the plants, so should I raise/lower or keep my lights the same and just ride it out?
Insane plants are looking good. For your lights I don't really know how much heat your lights make, but for a 400watt hps I would start the light at about 2ft aleast. What nutrients you going to use?
My lights are very cool burning so heat isnt an issue, I just want my plants to start gettin a bit taller so I was wondering if moving the lights up would help the plants grow taller or not a good idea?

As for nutrients Im already feeding them dilute concentrations of super thrive and kick start. Kick start is by Grotek and is specially for helping young plants develop roots and leaves, I also add in a TINY bit of Dutchmaster One Vegging Formula and the plants seem to like this mixture very much.
insane.."The proof is in the pudding" as the saying goes.

I was simply quoting what I found, in response to GG's question. This was the first I've eber heard of "Solux" lights. I certainly wasn't "bashing" them. Only stating what they themselves, had to say about their product. And factual info on "where" in the lighting spectrum plants find usefull light.
But you are correct in saying that I wouldn't "recommend" them as grow lights. At least not before gaining some firsthand experience, or several well documented grows from growers with experience growing under different lighting systems.

...BUT..your plants look just fine, jim dandy, as a matter of fact. And your results seem to make you happy. (3 Z off any single indoor plant is pretty damn good, in anyones closet)When that's what happening, I try not to change a thing!

on to another issue.
moving your lite up(further away) will cause stretching. but..taller plants will also mean "less intensity" to your lower buds, in turn affecting yeild.
yeah Hick sorry if I sounded a bit edgy I know you werent bashing solux, and I would prefer an HPS system, but my dad is letting me grow on the condition I keep all lamps self ballasted, so these Solux are about the best I can do (as far as I know) but like I said so far Im quite happy with the results.

As for the light distance, Hick, you think it would be a better idea to keep the lights low and have shorter bushier plants?

Thanks for all the input guys, much appreciated!
Thanks Bubonic..well that decides it, the lights stay low and the plants will be low and bushy..this should be interesting since the heavenly hash strain normally reachs 4-5 feet tall, so I might do some bending.

If I do try some bending how tall should the plant be before the first bend? How much of a bend should the first bend be?

Can Shelly sell shells by the sea shore? :p

I'll have some more pics up soon.

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