Hello I’m new to the forum!!!

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Didnt have too. We know you wouldn't last a day as a greeter. 🤪 😁

yeah , one day a woman came into the store with two kids , one walking and the other in stroller

i promptly greeted her and told her what a good looking st of twins she has

she got all mad and told me I was stoopid cause I couldn’t see the obvious age difference

i told her I thought it was twins because I just couldn’t believe someone would fvck her twice

that job only lasted one day
Don’t worry bill, @MiniGrowz wont mind if you introduce yourself on his intro page. You will figure out the whole thread thing soon if you hang around. Where about s are you from and what are you growing?
Yep all good here welcome to the passion bill and be sure to start growing thread so we can help you out with advice!
Yes, just starting, but before want to learn from you guys!
We are so glad you came back. So tell us what you are growing and how far along you are. You will get plenty of help here as there are a lot of really good growers here to help you along. As you can see tho we are mostly stoners and like to have fun along the way. 🤪

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