Hello I’m new to the forum!!!

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We are so glad you came back. So tell us what you are growing and how far along you are. You will get plenty of help here as there are a lot of really good growers here to help you along. As you can see tho we are mostly stoners and like to have fun along the way. 🤪
I am still trying to familiarize myself. Thank you!
words of advice for new users
1. Ask @joeb631a about BINGO night
2. Don’t accept the free toothbrush offer
3. Don’t get your barefeet in the weed pics.

Have fun ✌️
Those are the only rules you have to worry about here. Oh, one more......stay as far away from BigSur as possible. He took way to much Orange Sunshine in the 60's .......
This Is The Place to be!!!!! Amazing people here with endless knowledge and not ass wholes about certain things like other forums . Best part you'll laugh your ass off guaranteed!!!! Iv learned so much in the last few weeks reading or asking questions . Just be a genuinely good person and you'll fit right in

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