Hello, I`m Goldie

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Mar 27, 2005
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I have one grow under my belt and another starting...I am looking for a good small forum to come & hang out in. I still need to learn much about the fine art of mj cultivation, but I love having a sense of humor about it! ;)
you guys sound like you like eachother na but welcome to the forum you'll learn alot here
Hello, Cincyboy. NTC & I are fellow growers. You in Cincy? I know it well...
:welcome: You will find all the info you need here!!!!!Duhhhh I just noticed the date on that first post!!! 6 years ago!
goldies been gone for a long time ,,,she was a nice lady,,,was sorry to see her go
who dug up the 6 yr old thread? :confused:

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