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Nov 24, 2005
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Hi, just wanted to introduce my self. i am from tx. i am new to growing, but i am trying. dont realy now how i came upon on this website but i have been looking though the forums hear and it seems you guys know what you are talking about. i posted a question in the indoor growing so if anf one could help me that would be great. thanks, smokey.

Everyone in our community kiles helping people grow massive quantities of phat sticky buds, so feel free to ask Q's.
We like to help people who help themselves, so I recommend you read a grow book (or 2) first.
Hi, I live is south Africa now, so it spring here now so great weather for growing, I haven't had a smoke for nearly a year, not for any other reason than I haven't seen anyone selling it and had no real desire to go up the petrol station where you will always find some guy whistling or grinning happy to sell you a bankie (bank coin bag) of Dagger ( Pronounced D-cccha)

The last lot I got was more seed than weed and very dry so I sifted out the seed and kept them for spring, see I enjoy growing more than smoking, same as I like growing chillies to see how hot you can make them then create a muthu hot sauce, I like to grow weed invite a few friends around and see how euphoric it is. Two years ago though I planted late but ended up with two great female Malawian plants which went down a storm till I went to the UK (home) for a month and and my wife to be never watered them and they died.... you can imagine my horror on returning " how can I marry you when I go away and you let my children die"

However we did marry and I'm still here in Africa, so I've sown these seeds in with the chilli and Basil (I make a mean pesto as well) I have about 20 plant now about 10-20cm tall and they are just getting old enough to tell the sex (apart from flowers or no flowers), as I understand it and last time I went off whether they had the little pointy things at the base of the leaf.... I will throw the males away as I rather go Sensimelia but I forget which is which???

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