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Mar 4, 2006
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so i used to deal at my high school real low key and like now some ass is telling everybody and like every1s talking about it and shit and like someones mom knows and all this shit. what do i do...do i sell my stash?.....get rid of my pipe?.....my bong?....and how the hell am i gonna pass a drug test i smoke every day? any suggestions or help would b SUPER and hurry please
1st rule broken you dealt. second. rule you let the wrong person know. take a ziplock bag. put you stash in it. take a second ziplock bag put the stash bag in there. take a metal can. go out and bury the fucker. (this is if you don't want to throw it away). then after this heat passes say the following.

"I will never deal again. If I need smoke this bad, I will grow my own (out in the woods where no-one else can get busted but me) and never sell again. It was a dumbass mistake. Grow my own-smoke my own. I will not sell."

Learn your lesson before you get into serious trouble like felony with intent to distribute or felony with distribution. Growing you own is dangerous, but selling it is 15X as dangerous, everyone has a big mouth. Rule #1 security.

I normally don't help kids. but dude, don't sell its nothing but trouble.
thanks dude i know i was so retarded thats why i asked u guys
Lay off weed and look up sure-gel on this site if your worried about a piss test. Again. don't grow indoor unless its your own place. (outdoor make sure not on your parents property). Be careful and safe. Weed ain't worth your future.
On a side note: sorry give this speach to every kid. You may be a minor. but if you get busted growing in your parents house, you could end up in foster care and your parents could end up in jail. Jail ain't no place for anybody (except child molesters and shit). Have some respect for your parents. Weed growing ain't cool. Its a way of life for us old fogeys. Have respect for it and it will have respect for you. ;)
is there anything i can do w/ my parafonelia like pipe bong papers etc. or residue around my house or something
Stash em at your freinds house. (bongs and pipes bury em too.) just wash em off when you dig em up. (this is the safe way). O'wise trash em. You can tell I was in your shoes once huh. As soon as parents know, there ain't no telling. the ole "that kid corrupted my son" thing starts. The label is hard to shake. Best to lay really low. IMHO.
I'm not trying to make you paranoid. I am a parent. I know. dude, parents are tricky. I know my kids can **** up, but I see it every day, some parents look for some else to blame. The other kids will blame anybody to keep there own ass outa trouble. dude its dog eat dog until you hit my age then its worse.
thanks u dont know how much this helps me if u still have more advice im all ears
Thats about it dude. I won't help you grow. and I am against dealing. Those would aid in the deliquency of a minor. I am moraly against that. but I have to respect your situation as I was there once. Dude finish school, go to college, get a good job. make a decent wage. Then set up a great grow system for yourself. Dude worry about the future. Set youself up dude. Always be smarter then the people around you. ;) always stay a step ahead. that my advice. Dude, come back when your done with college and I'll help you grow. count on it.;)
f1 if your still checking your thread mutt is 100 percent correct . but to add on the suregel to help you out go to walmart in housewares where they sell the canning jars. should be on top right now where season aint quit in yet . but anyways it right in there a jello box that says surejel . you can dump the whole box in a big glass of icewater with as much sugar as like . and drink plenty of water everyday after until out in the clear . alcaselzer works too but is very nasty buts works all day long . not sure on how long suregel will stay in your system.

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