My Frankenstein!!! Sharing my world with u guys.let me know what you think please

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My garden as it sits just now. Line up at min is. Gorilla zkittles 12 strain and one of my own seeds in a old eco thrive tub 3 handfuls of clay pebs the a soil and bio char mix/ conditioner and a cheap air stone and a little air pump just to see if it does anythin lol think it came from a Gorilla cookies so if it caught a touch of pollen and made a seed y not throw it in and keep an eye on it. I sit here everyday and get hi so y not if I see a boy I will pull it so keep eye around week 3 forward but I don't normally have a problem it just a reg auto seed treat as such.
Just a look at my setup. I have another 480w I can fit it leans to more red led I like to add it. Lights are at 65% at the min and big light 80% going well so far so will see how turns out

Sknackered og small so hope is like my last one and a big tall gorrila cookies this is one I have topped and I haven't removed any other leaves yet just letting her get some height there is a healthy side branching for the size buds im goin for with her. I have done about 12 of this so yeh goin for all rounder with her. The trained photo previously with the sticks thes gelato 41 the company says 2022 and 30% cannabaoide count so hopefully see a heavy hitter there the other one from green house guava x gel 41 is same 30% so let's see lol I have two cdms i can put up in need be the surface heat the light gives and some like the cooler led light and some like the bit in the middle lol 😆 hope u like my garden


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they seem soin ok i just been bushin them out by hand and tucking leaves i would like to let them grow up from here get some more hight before flower next week ish lol
I have 13 different strains goin at the same time. Water only with a dab of frass or fish food at times. Wetting agent sometimes and micro rhyza at times lol I just look at them everyday. Water ALWAYS gets left bubbling for 24hours I have 2 x 250ltr tanks only use one but I really should fill one then use it and fill other and swap about but im lazy.
Hi I'm Mac i have been growing for about 4 years and I have built up my stuff over that time. I have watched and learned for about 14years before I started for my personal medical needs. I have grown a few photos n that but always loved autos..😍😇 and they have came along way. All what is within is my personal experience and if someone has had a different experience I would love to hear it. I love growing I have strawberries n everything cant wait. I grow as I have a few medical conditions and it has really saved my life. And it be amazing to share my garden with you all. I have saved for ALONG time and have been buying parts for around 3years now for what I've been building the last 6-8weeks not finished but we are started. ( can't hold my own pish as they say) lol 🤣 anyway I will start with some photos and see if anyone wants see more or follow how these babys go lol. Strain list will follow but let's look at the room. Yes everyone may hate on me for what I have done but please understand im not a builder and this is just out of my head and I'm just doin it my way. But open ideas or anythin hence y im here lol share is wealth anyway let me know what ya think. And im only about 70% done i have loads of training ideas and lighting ideas all off the kuff. And built up over time. My room runs 2x ts3000 1x 315w 4k cmh and one 630w bar light im testing. Also have a ts1000 in there but will swap that out for new tsw2000 or something and I have another 480w hlg v3 style light to hang but im upgrading it with some uv ir far red and blue 301h at the min and don't really need anymore lights in there just now flip me lol. I'm gettin min 800lux in non lit areas I've had turn em down below 50% im I think 1.6m light hight i will confirm that with ya tho. Just in test and play mode at min but having fun the plants seem happy anyway 24hour light timing running steady at 25-27°c humidity needs brong up by about 10% but humidifier and de humidifier are on route so using domes just now for.babys. aye I don't like make things hard so have a home.made peat and soil living organic mix I will follow up.with everything I use but yeh. I am an active gardener so I train some and leave others. I do pre and post stress training ( my own style) I actively apply kyle kushman techniques to certain areas but not others depending on strain and pheno and feel like.i tailor each plant to its own growth. Anyway let me know if this is something that would appeal

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Nice, let me grab the popcorn!

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