My Frankenstein!!! Sharing my world with u guys.let me know what you think please

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Good day how goes it. Few questions. First being whats thoughts of doing a 50ltr air pot with there a moby **** auto or a zkittles og auto or a blue cheese auto all barneys farm. I must say I wish I had some mad new genetics. I'm happy and thankful for my babys but just after seeing some the seed boxes some of you have im in awwww. I want start breeding my own crosses so if anyone can give me any pointers please feel free. My girls nearly all in flower altho I have a Amnesia zkittles thats had an extra 9 days in veg over the others and she looks like she goin to be a big girl so I'm really lookin forward to seeing.
Oh and lights have been set to. 315w cmh on for 18hours a day 2x ts3000 running 620w at wall custom 480w led running 60% say 360w and my 630w bar light is running at 80% 540w. I'm not sure if that is enough but they seem happy like total 1530-1845w total cooling and fans 4x40w fans 3x t8 (78w max each) running one at level 8 and other two level 3-6 as needed and my air conditioner is running at 110w with a spike to 1150w 4 times and hour for one minute . Temps average at 26°C day and night is 1°C up or down humidity is between 56-64% throughout. I don't no if that's to strict or if I need go up or down on stuff but just goin with. I ordered a silencer and a wall duct for air conditioner to be left out side room and I have steel ducting to make it look tidy out side roo. And I can start my research lab/bedroom next door 🙃 want to start making the topical cream and start juicing my leaves and get one those thc laser testers and start testing company's stuff and putting up results ect. Also I want to build grow rooms for a living. So hopefully my room does a good job. I'm glad I can share it here
What ya think so far. This is frosty gelato auto from growers choice
Some of my babys. Cant wait to try them. My birthday here next month and well should have
20 strains or so. Will be a good birthday. weed party yeooo free for all. Spread the love guys everyday is 420 P.R.O.D have loads more but it won't let me upload ffs


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Thanks for.the support. I have learned alot but first grow in room had few.little bits and peaces needing done. I've also been tryin to sort things with my wife so I've been away aswell temps recorded a spike but that was my dumb ass forgot turn ac on but bar. Think will double up.on what I fed them and I think ill be in sweet spot. Also I just goin to upgrade my pots again lol kinda modified ones with a fab pot set inside at the top prob 40/60 for depth. Carty put a thought in my head and well I haven't got it out my head and lookin at the branchs on the zkittles og from barneys I have in my 50ltr root pot im like "i need that in my life lol" for priced 15 50ltr pots and im just goin do 5 a month save on the seeds .....dont quote me on that as I have problems guys I can't have an empty pot and soil sittin lol I found a 40ltrs garden pot there at my mums and I brong home and its filled amendmented and I have a gelato cake in water and I said no more until at least one of these comes down.....hahaha trees I don't watch TV or do very much tbh shot crossbow and live in a tent. Help people for free and And generally take the piss. I'm really quite content like don't bother anyone and its all down to.gettin high. We need think of a way of spraying the world with weed eh....I'm way to.high hahahhaha hope ur all havin a happy day keep er lit peace.....
How easy is it to get into working growing weed for one these big companies or are they pricks. Anyone watch the canacribs or what ever its called. Strain hunter id love cross some mad gear. Thats what I'm goin to do like. I have a lsd and frosty cross goin just now and she's a beautiful girl will get pics of her now. No purple and im not sniffing early like no no ill let her fatten up a bit. She only started week two but some size in a 1.5ltr I have her roots goin into a strawberry planter and water top and bottom and it's easy as fook I wish I could do something outdoor as a idea for some the big 🇺🇸 outdoor they do there hole in ground I have loads ideas fs
Just few update auto photos hope u like guys tryin some new stuff 😁


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I'm just goin with big 50ltrz now is easyer for my setup. And less seed orders hahaha got a nice line up coming so hopefully get some monsters. I've done high numbers of yokes I've done massive yeilds I've done crystal dripping now I want to do size and really try hone the buds im gettin. And look at what all I can diy make. I love hash making its my love. Flower is amazing but I started on hash and really take pride when rolling my own hash joints n a coffee. Amazing to be able to do im very thankful. Hopefully I can share some of my mad adventures with u guys. And hear some back hahaha hope everyone is keeping her lit
My garden at the minute. Looks empty flip sake. Line up is on the left. That big girl is a cross of wedding cheese n I don't know lol the one on the right is gorilla zkittles I think and the three ones I just put in are skywalker og gelato 41 x gelato 41 ment be a heavy hitter 30% so will see how big can make it. And I have a gorilla cookies as tbh the last two I done where cracker but I stunted them and they where only an oz n a half ish but before that I had a monster one so goin to try get a monster this time. Have few more seeds and few more pots so will have to see what I want to smoke for Xmas. Still seed collecting but my collection will be easyer to build using the bigger pots lol 😆 got a nice little soil mix and nice and airy need do few drain holes in bottom of pots bar that will have to see how the grow but high hopes this run can't wait to see what I've learnt. Hope u are all well. Keep er lit
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