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May 27, 2009
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Living in the Northwest waiting for the sun. I've never tried to grow indoors so this will be my first attempt. I've grown outdoors but I'm tired of waiting for good weather so I'm ready to start a small grow indoors (about 4-6 plants)in my garage. What do I need to start, lights etc.
Check out the stickies on top. Figure out where you're going to grow and the size and figure from there. You need to do this first so you know your square footage area. Lights and fans will be based on this size.

Read read and read some more.
do you plan to start them indoors then move them out when the weathers better?

if you plan to finish them indoors your gonna need a light proof area so that when you flip to 12/12 theres no light leaks during the dark period. once you decide where thats gonna be you can figure out what size light you need based on the SQFT of the area. I assume your gonna use soil, what type?
How much money do you have to spend on this project?
The Hemp Goddess said:
How much money do you have to spend on this project?

Haha. Thats always your first question... Mine too

Ps. Hi neighbor.
Hottip im just as new as you, depending on your budget and you expectections, i would look (as i am) into grow tents. Decent priced one's can be purchased of ebay, also i picked up my lights(t5's,MH conversion and 1000w HPS), reflector,and ballast, off craigslist for under $300.. so you may wanna check your local listing..

good luck and happy growing
Its actually cheaper and more efficient to build a room to suit your size needs.

That said, tents are convienant but i have seen one collapse under 4000 watts of HPS!, rooms are
sturdy and materials are cheap...2 big factors there
Read, read and then read some more...totally concur with that. Knowledge is the key.
:welcome: and good luck with the grow room! Is the garage heated or are you gonna need to heat the area you plan to grow in? Are you going soil or hydro? What line of nutes will you be using? read read, my friend! There's a lot to learn in this little hobby! :D
Hey man, that's what I did. I just took a corner of my garage and built a room. I put in fans, outlets for lights and layed foam on the floor to keep the pots room temp. Cheeper than a tent and can be built according to your needs. Frame can be made from something smaller than 2x4s because it doesn't need any real support. I have made corner posts with 1x3s connected together as an "L" shape. It just takes imagination.

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