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Sep 21, 2005
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hey the super silver haze clone looks great..its about a 11 inches tall..still young but i wanted to know if i could take a clone from her in order to keep this great strain of plants it a possibility? and which leaf stem would i take? haha great spot for it too...its about a 500 foot trail that leads back within 20 feet of the same road...great spot no traces at all...friends couldnt spot plant from 10 feet coming soon i promise...also is it to late for such a young plant?...wat should i expect for its yield....
Yeah, you can take a clone.

You'll need to read up on cloning but you make the cut at a 90-degree angle mid-way between nodes with a razor blade.
If your plant has been outside for awhile it is flowering. This presents 2 problems.
-Clones taken from flowering plants have a lower rate of success (growing roots) than from plants in veg. It takes longer too.
-know that you'll lose whatever bud the part of the plant you make a clone from would yield.
I don't think you have a shot at putting a clone outside in a 3--4 weeks, prob. as long as it would take the clone to root. By then it's mid-Oct, and it takes 2 months from that point to finish which puts it close to X-mas. Plants flowered that late generally don't produce quality bud do to short daylight lengths.
It would be pointless imo to take a clone unless you have an indoor growroom set-up.

There are too many variables to give you an estimate of yield. If you post a pic with something like a can of coke in the pic for comparison I could take a stab at giving an est.

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