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2 weeks ago, my friend had a plant hermie on him. It was from a feminised seed and his environment is far too hot for my liking. I also suspect he has a light leek.
Last night, I found my NL had some nanners on it. This plant has not suffered any light leeks as far as I know and since there is no one in the house during lights off, I am 99.9% certain of this. Ph has been stable between 5.5 and 6.0 since going into flower. No other stressful event have occured I can think of except last week, I rebuilt my flowering room and while I was doing the work, I had to leave the plants without water in the buckets (dwc) for about 4 hours.
This plant was only 3 weeks into flower so I am assuming this is a genetic trait of this particular strain. It was NOT from feminised seeds.

So, is there anything I could have done to avoid this or is it just one of those things with buying cheap seeds?

Thanks W

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