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Just a Dawg
Jan 6, 2006
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Been readin a lot on this lure.
I won't link a store, but its called the kicktail.
There gonna ban it in local fishing tourney's because it does too well. hahahahaha.
Mimics an injured fish. May have to give this one a try.

Gotta love fishin and smokin a fatty. :)

Hey its the coffee table right. nothing wrong with trading a few fishing lures. Gives a great excuse for the ole geurilla grow. Game warden will talk for hours on a new fishing lure. ;)
'sup dawg.
Ya know I've read that (mimics injured fish) about most new lures in the last 30 years.
My (non-fishing) friend bought me a lure about 15 years ago that you attached a tiny break n shake light (like the ones kids use of Halloween but real small) to a lure that apparently attracted fish.
Except fish aren't particularly attracted to eerie green light underwater.
Fishing is reffered to as the most popular participant sport in the U.S. Lures and fishing equip. is a multi-billion $$/year industry.

Personally, I like the laid-back approach to fishing.
I use Power Bait, toss in my line, lean up against a tree, fire up a fatty and crack a cold one.
Ahhh, now THAT'S fishing.
Oh, ive tried fly fishing a few times, really like it, but all that pole work is too much effort. Rod and Reel is more fun :)
i love bass fishing. for me its a spinner. i just love the colors and the way they hit that sucker. BAM! im gonna do some serious fishing this year. cant wait.
You guys are makin me jealous... i bought my fishin lic. the other day but it's still kinda cold up here and i don't feel like freezin my tits off.... yet.. i wish it was beautiful weather enough to go out and toss a line in the water and drink a few brews... ahhh the beauty of life...
dont feel bad pranicfever i woke up this morning and there was snow on the freaking ground. it was just 70% the other day. dont worry it wont be long.
yeah bro i know what you mean.. last night 1am no snow on the ground.. had to go pick up my moms from work cos she was stuck there at 3am.. so i went out of the house at 2:30 and i'm like ***! there was snow on everything.. and just yesterday it was like in the high 50's low 60's.... so had to drive like.. i dunno 20 miles out to pick her up... the roads weren't cleaned at all... slippin and slidin down these backwood roads... and it was just nuts.... then on the way back apperantly those people who drive the snow plows finally made it to work...
sorry mutt .... that was off topic.... anyway back to the fishing talk...

Can't wait till i can go out... catch me some nice bass... maybe go out one day to catch some channel cat... delish..
Love the bass fishing thing man. My motus operandi is usually to flip a rubber worm using a flipping rod and a corolina rigged worm.
ninfan77 said:
Oh, ive tried fly fishing a few times, really like it, but all that pole work is too much effort. Rod and Reel is more fun :)
Hell, once I finally catch a damn fly, I can't stand to hear the little guy scream when I stick the hook through him. Gave me nightmares man.

Hhahaahahahaha, I take any bright, chrome lure and pitch that puppy about 150 feet into a lake and bring it back in fast jerks. My best catch ever for a large mouth bass was 10 pounds.

I'm going fishing on the beach Saturday. The Whiting are running. Mutt, I KNOW you know what whiting are.

I use cherry wood in my smoker to cook the whiting and they come out tasting like candy!
As I stated, I'm a lazy fisherman.
But there was a guy who frequented the same area I did and he was anything but.
He wore a necklace of small clear containers (about the size of a 35mm film thingie), and he'd lay on his stomach and turn over rocks streamside, using a jewelers loupe to see what kind of insects were hatching, and find a fly in one of those containers that matched.
Strictly catch-and-release, he'd catch fish even when I was getting skunked.
whats up everyone. dug up some pics of a fishing trip last year. here are a few bass that we had for dinner. i'm all about catch and release but every now and then you got to have a taste. also here are a few pics of my favorite lures. Spinner baits & Rattletraps

also here is a link to Mutts Kicktail lure he likes. my brother is getting some as soon as the weather gets nice.





Now I didn't catch this fish, but came across it online. funkiest thing I ever seen. Nice catch B.Grunt. and hell yeah I know what Whiting are. I cuaght those with just a hook with the wieght. scratch the wieght to make it really shiney. They love shiney stuff. ;)

P.S. B. Grunt the link didn't work. so here it is. without the .cfm extension

thats sick. two for one. no way would i even think of eaten that thing. where the hell did they catch it 3 mile island?

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