Hey guys what's going on?

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Aug 18, 2023
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Just across from Amsterdam
Just started my 3rd indoor grow: Tangerine Dream. My 1st grow was OG Kush and my 2nd Money Maker. I made all the mistakes possible to make on my first grow, I didn't even know I had to flip the lights so I ended up with an almost 5 foot plant. My second grow was just about passable. I'm hoping for success with my 3rd grow and so far so good. I've invested in a dehumidifier and an air conditioning unit as well as four new lights. I'm going to be learning LST, Topping and Defoliation on this grow. I've started watching YouTube videos and I've learnt so much. I'm hoping to learn some great stuff on this forum too. Thanks for being here. I look forward to the journey ahead.
Welcome to the passion Chubby. You have come to the right place. There are a lot of great growers here that want to see your grow succeed too. We all have ups and downs that’s normal so don’t over worry over things. You can start a grow thread on your garden so we can all see it and you can look back on it too. Make your self at home and get use to some thread drift like from the guy with the milk dud nipples. Don’t take the bait and ask about them or he will show us all again 🤪
Welcome Chubby! Hope everything goes right, but don't get discouraged if it doesn't. Most of the experts make the mistake of over thinking things. It's just a weed after all.
Welcome Chubby. Wow, you are a cowboy! Ha ha! Like Hippie said it is just a weed. Most beginners over think things. But there are some basics. We will be glad to walk you through them.

Before you buy anything else tell us what you are doing. I assume you are inside. Lights? Tent? Give us some info please.

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