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Mar 26, 2011
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Hey boys,
I have been on this board for a few months now and decided to finally make a name of my own. Im a semi-beginner female LEGAL grower here in Nor-cal. I cant thank you enough for the treasure trove of information and knowledge here, as soon as i found this place i knew it deserved a bookmark. Hopefully some members can help me progress to be a better grower.:ciao:

Welcome to MP......I am sure the peeps here can help.
:ciao: Howdy and welcome to MP.
welcome to mp. lots of great info and ppl here.
Hey girl, welcome to MP! I'm sure by now, you know to read the stickys in order to learn the ropes round here. Happy to have you and help with your grow. We are a helpfull bunch and proud with ourselves in keeping this place a decent, respectfull place we can come back to for help, comfort and friendship. We love pics of buds, plants, buds, plants OH, did I mention buds and plants?

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