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Jul 13, 2011
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I'm new to this board and just wanted to introduce myself, I'm in Arizona and a legal Medical Marijuana cultivator. I live at 5,080 ft in the dry warm and windy Huachuca Mountains.

I have a secured and confined growing area and live in a very remote location, I have a permit to grow 12 plants. My older brother also lives with me and has a permit to grow an additional 12 plants.

We planted our seeds May first and tried to do it right. It took us 6 months to make our own soil and dig the 24 holes. Our holes were dug with a jack hammer and we dug until a 45 gallon trash can would fit in the hole. All soil was replaced, PH balanced and very loose, containing lots of organic materials. We added some chemicals by using a soil test kit and PH meter.

Our seed stocks was mixed, containing everything from Master Kush to White Widow, but most of it is from a mix of plants that we have developed for the higher altitude and the harsh dry and windy conditions we have here.




:ciao::welcome::48:Nice looking set up. They look a little thirsty.
Below the surface they are most, it was 108 deg. today with winds of 15 miles per hour and dry as heck. On the 11th we had a Monsoon, dumped 2.25 inches of rain, before that it rained 1.5 inches on the 4th. I'm waiting for tomorrow because it will rain again.

I believe that harsh conditions and stressing the plant can raise the amount of THC in the end. I eliminate all males and hermies and take lots of care in the harvesting and curing.

But, your right they need some water and will get some tomorrow one way or another.
Welcome to MP......my wife was born and raised in AZ. I love it there. Will be where I retire when it is time.
Looks great! Have you made a grow journal? I'll be watching.

take care and be safe:bolt::bong:
guess the big fire missed ya.
Keeping an journal and will give updates with some photos.

Out of 36 plants, 2 males, 16 females and 18 unidentified.

Out of the 18 unidentified I have 2 suspected males and believe the other 16 are females.

I have two Patients so I can end up with 24 plants, in the next two weeks I'll be culling and should end up with 24 strong females.

My Soil and test kit plus a few photos takes last Thursday.




john_ 012.JPG

We got burned out 2 years ago and then 5 years before that, so for the last 2 seasons we have had fires all around us but none here. Plus we have been getting awesome monsoons for two years, over 7 inch since July 4th. this season.
nice!. clean, well maintained..;)
ahh, very beautiful outdoor grow CK. look forward to seeing these finish. welcome to mp.:)

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