hmm more time?

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Aug 19, 2005
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i have no clue when its time to harvest these little turds

take a look and guess for me




any advice, hints, and tips will help too
Harvest when the heads on the "bolbuous" trichomes turn foggy. Clear heads indicate immaturity while amber heads indicate the beginning of degredation. A hand held microscope from Radio Shack ($10) or a jewlers loupe will help see them clearly.

By the pictures, I say they're still way inmature. 2-3 weeks to least would be my guesse.
so basically look at the white hairs and wait for them to turn red? lol
that isn't at all what I said. The pistils(white hairs) turning colors is not the most effecient form of judging maturity.
i have no clue what heads on the "bolbuous" trichomes turn foggy would mean...maybe i do, just not in "proper" form

and quick question, my friend is growin too and he harvested and his smells like hay that normal?
trichomes are the sparkly crystal looking glands that should be prominent/evident on your buds. "Bolbulous" triches are the ones that look similar to mushrooms. They mature in three stages, clear=immature, cloudy/turning white=mature, amber=beginning to degrade.
Here's a pretty good link..

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