How Do You Make GOOD Hash?

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Jun 17, 2005
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I have tried hash before, it was like a special treat after always blazing trees. Although I have tried it, i dont posess the underrated skill of Making Hash. Please tell me everything you know about making hash! :D
There are a few ways to make hash.

You can do the water extraction method but then you need water extraction bags which you can find here:hXXtp://

Or use a stuff scrumbler type of product. That is a shaker device where you throw in your leaves or buds and the machine keeps shaking the buds and filters out the THC. Here's more:

But if you search around you will found many more links about making hash.
Thanks for those links, there is some interesting stuff there.

questions for experienced hash makers

1. How much mary = how much hash? (ex. 28g = how much hash?)
2. How long does it take to make the hash?
3. When it is made, what kind of forms can hash be made into? (eg. rocks)
4. What is a good amount of mary-j for a first time hash maker to use?
5. What are the basic prices of hash? (eg. half quarters, quarters, half oz and oz)
6. When I tried it, we used a screen in my pipe and smoked it, what other methods are there, and which is the most effective?
making hash is easy all you have to do is take your leaves and stems and all the junk youre not going to smoke and put it in a bucket. then you have to get some 99% isopropyl alchohol or in this case everclear grain alchohol will work.
then you pour the alchohol into the bucket. and slowly stir then cover. let it sit for a day or two and stirring every few hours.the result should be mushy plants and green tinted liquid. take the liquid and strain it through coffee filters or some cheesecloth.then take the strained liquid and put into a hotpot or electric fryingpan. you slowly boil the liquid off should take about 3-4 hours but the end result should be real thick oil which should be a dark dark green to brown color.. dip a smoke or whatever you prefer into the oil and enjoy... about 5 ounce of junk will make about 4-5 grams of the good stuff .
exodus ur thinkin of hash oil which is also very nice ive tried that method and the shit didnt get me as high as hash would id prefer to make hash itself not the oil although if u dip a gram of dank in some hash oil here where i live it will make the price go up 25 dollars a gram dipped if u make it u could make some bank
well Dr G. the best way ive found to smoke hash is to put a peice of it on a pin, stick the head of said pin into a peice of clay or chewing gum or something to that substance. then light hash and place a glass upside down on top of it, the lack of oxygen will make the flame go out, and you will see smoke start rising into the top of the glass. now take a straw and inhale the smoke out from under the lip of the glass.

thats the best way ive found to smoke hash you could also powder it and roll a joint laced with it. bowls arent the best they tend to taste like shit.. and as for your other Q's i simply have no idea.
#1 dependant on how trichome rich the material is AND the efficiency of your gathering process (ie bud yeilds more hash p/gram than trim) long as it takes to knock the trichomes off, gather them and press them
#3 as far as I know, hash has only one form, a compressed brick
#4..lotsa' top leaf, trim.
#5.."NO idea" last time I purchased hash, it was late 70's early 80's.
#6 "hot knives" !!! ;)
Back when hash was plentiful and fairly cheap. early 70's for me, I liked to eat it , not cost effective but it sure was mmgood!
Eat it? That must be a different buzz. I'll have to try that. Up here hash goes for $10 (CDN) a gram or 5 for $40. I always get 5.

DoobieBro1 said:
Back when hash was plentiful and fairly cheap. early 70's for me, I liked to eat it , not cost effective but it sure was mmgood!
$10/gram?! No way! That's ridiculously low - that's the same price as bud! Where are you getting this stuff?
Start with good weed and then get some bubblebags from the Bubbleman.........
as for price, where I live its like 20 to 30 a gram depending on quality- we get alot of good quality though so we're lucky, even though we have to pay more... its probly different all over the country.

I like to top off a bowl with hash just break it up into little tiny pieces and sprinkly it evenly over the top of the bowl. Light it and it's burn forever just sit back and enjoy. (watch out for smell if your inside though)
the best way to make hash without spending alot of money is get a grinder with a screen in it. break up about an once and a half with it, shaking it as you grind it. then take the "kief" in the bottom layer of the grinder and rap it up tight in wax paper. then run over it with an iron on its lowest heat, pressing very hard. 5 seconds on each side then roll over it with a rolling pin. repeat the process over again to make the hash harder. when you unwrap it presto, a piece of hash ready to smoke.

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