How many holes to drill?

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Hungarian Gypsy

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Jun 2, 2011
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Gonna move my girl into her permanent home tonight. It's one of those stackable white buckets. How many holes should I drill in the bottom? I was thinking 3. Then I thought maybe that's not enough. HELP please.
The deed is done! Drilled holes in the same way Mutt did. The "Queen" is in her last, new home. I gave her a name because she is my first female to survive.
She also came out of her old pot in one piece, so hopefully she won't suffer too much shock :)
i drill 5 holes in every one, then just dump in the soil mix. works fine...
good luck with the grow :) That bucket drainage amount always works well for me. I still use it no matter my soil mix. which has hit over 10 ingredients now LOL but it works with fox farms GH maxi line you name it. drainage was the big thing i tried to promote in that. gotta have that rock bed at the bottom and it works fine every time ;)
I notice the side holes help with excessive run off or if I need to flush. Side holes had made life much much easier in the past IME.
I used gravel from the driveway for my rock bed bottom. And yes, I did sterilize it before putting it into the bucket. I sterilize EVERYTHING! She doesn't look too happy today. A little shocky, but I feel pretty sure that she'll be ok in a day or two ;)
I just read that yu don't want to feed yer transplants for about a week, just water as their roots (if they are acting shocked at all) willnot take up nutes and yu could nute-burn them. If they don't perk up in a day or two then yu could spray them with Thrive Alive or Suberthrive, or another vitamin B solution.:) IME they seem to pick up quickly when I spray them just a little once or twice a day with a mild solution of Thrive Alive. My grow bible says to do the same thing as the leaves can absorb the B vitamins that help the roots to recover. I do it for both my clones and my transplants and I have no trouble with them growing or shocking.:)
Well, turns out she's back to her old self. Watered her and she's just as green, perky and beautiful as ever :) :) :)

BTW: Thanks Hushpuppy!!!!!

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