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Sep 14, 2006
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growing in a bedroom closet in a file cabinet with the drawers tooken out and towels over the open area so light is not escaping. so at night it looks perfectly dark. I wonder how can you control the plant smell, i wanna keep the smell inside the fle cabinet im growing in. I dont ewant my closet smelling. and im just growing 1 plant doing LST for more n more bud. anyway this can be done?
I'm sure it COULD be done, but you're gonna have to modify the heck out of that cabinet: fans for heat and exhaust, mounting points for lights, drains, etc. Hope you have tools!
lots of tape and caulking... and a activated carbon exhaust
u can set this up to gro one plant and it should work pretty good but the idea of keeping the smell in the cabinet is going to be compicated.. if u have the time and money u can do it but one plant should not put off a whole lot of smell especially if it is inclosed... hope this helps. if i where u i would not worry about smell too much

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