How's this site doing?

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How's this site doing?

  • AWSOME! Keep up the good work

  • It's Ok

  • I liked it better before it got so busy

  • To big, too fast

  • I don't like it at all

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I think its cool - new posters, great adm., and - of course - us - lol ;)

Seriously, I really enjoy hangin` out here...:)
I like this place. It's making me steer away from the anime forums i hang around at. Plus i can talk about my favorite of all illegal substance.

Seriously I think it's the people here that i enjoy.
I believe a site is what the members make it. So far seems to be good people here and I am enjoying my stay. :)
I never could have imagined a site like this to be this frickin great! It puts any forum to shame. Now can I have my free seeds?:D
I would Say Great This site is my favorite
place and the only marijuana growing site
that im signed up on!! Keep up the great
Think your right Ogof. Thanks for the heads up. ;)
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