hydro vs home grown

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Aug 11, 2005
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hi everybody, me and buddy was arguing which is better hydo or homegrown. or indoors of same strain . he says hydro . im newbe . but i do know homegrown tomatoes are a lot better than hydos.
It is a fact that hydroponics does not do anything for smell, potency or taste. Hydro helps grow a bigger plant in less time then a soil plant would take. It helps the grower, not the consumer.
I'm of the "Organic soil" school, too.
Amen to that Hick. This last cut was my first all organic grow. The taste was 25 times better then the wal-mart premix soil I was using a while ago. The foxfarm organic's get two big thumbs up from me. :D
Well, in my opinion, grown in my closet at my home means its homegrown and I use the hydro style. They are both the same... Homegrown hydroponic weed.
tyvm.i will give you rep point 4 that answer if it means anything too ya .
If you add all the nutes and good additives and stuff doesn't it at least add a little to the potency?
unless you wont your bud to taste like shit grow inside in some cases it may be better to grow outside
with a proper flush and cure, chemically fed hydro and chemically fed soil grown weed are similar in taste. now organics is a whole different game but you can grow organic hydro

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