I luve it!

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Sep 17, 2005
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K i know its probably been around b4 but i was stoned and i put two and two together and its awsome...

For those of you who like to make bongs in like 5 seconds with like a bottle and hate the complications of having to pack the bowl or getting ur hands stinky with a joint this is it.

Step 1. roll a joint around a candle or something and stuff it with as much as u can, put in a really long filter so it juts out a good 1.5 cms. Make sure the filter slides nicely into a 6 inch piece of tubing and that its air tight ( rap the filter in tape it make it fit better)

Step 2. Put your rolled joint and tube in a little glasses case until u want to use it. carry it around with you with a lighter.

Step 3. When you wanna smoke buy an aquafina bottle for like 1.50$ at any store and find a good place to smoke. Drink all the water until its about halfway between the big letters of the Aquafina. Burn a whole about 2 inches above the water lvl and shove the hose in. Burn a shotty as well.

Step 4. Slip the joint in, light it and enjoy with ur buds. The benefits are that you get the cool hit of a bong, the fact that u never have to relight after the first time cuz of the joint and the best part YOU HANDS DONT SMELL LIKE ASS.

when your done just chuck it all and go nuts:p


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