Insence Bottle

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I know i prolly spelled that wrong up there.. but like.. you know thai sticks.. the pot that is like tied to sticks.. well what if you like put a few hangin in an insenze bottle, in like a smaller room.. and yeah burn it.. makin kinda like a hot box to speak... humm gonna have to try that one day
Can you get into more detail on this one???? this sounds like your wanting to smoke bud mixed with incense??? :confused:
I think you would just be better off rolling a joint;)
no no no not with incencse just like.. you know tie some bud to a stick like the wold thai sticks were and shit.. then give it a good burn and put in hanging in a bottle made for using incense.. ...
Send them buds this way and I'll send ya some incense that smells like bud and we'll both be happy.
I could be wrong but i think it would be more like a contact high with all the oxygen you'd be breathing in at the same time. You really wouldn't get a "good/strong" hit cause you couldn't wrap your mouth on it, But it would probably be fun to try.
oh god.. hahaha... i was so baked to have written this .. haha
DOesn't Sage smell like shitball weed that you get when your in 10th grad from the creepy shitbag on the corner? Is Sage what you think smells of weed? It smells like the devils ass if you ask me. I could smoke a piar of pliers and not get a headache, one smell of sage and I'm taking 4 asprin.

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