ironic situation

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I've tried marijuana second time in my life, 2 months ago. Didn't think I would apply for a job. I had about 6 puffs (from that bottle with bubbles) and i need to go for a hair test next week. Or, I can postpone it for another 3 weeks (due to a trip) but it may risk the job opportunity. I'm not a user, it was a one time occasion, i work out regulary etc.
Can the hair test detect it? If I want to play safe, should I wait an additional 3 weeks? Thanks.
your hair has to be at least 1 inch long for them to do that so cut your hair and they'll be forced to piss or worst blood test
cut your hair for sure dude. you WILL get nailed if you get a hair test, they can detect weed in your hair forever- when you smoke it, some of the wastes are deposited into your hair folicles,and they grow out WITH your hair. so if you havent smoked in a while, theyll find it near the end of your hair but not in the first couple inches. just cut off the hair that you had when you smoked, and youll be cutting the evidence off of yourself.

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