Is $20 a lot for a dub?

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Mar 5, 2006
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I know if I buy more it'll come a lot cheaper, but is $20 a lot for a dub (steelhead)?
wallawalla said:
I know if I buy more it'll come a lot cheaper, but is $20 a lot for a dub (steelhead)?

I'm not familiar with the term steelhead (except as in trout) but I'll tell you this:
It depends on how good it is.
..."$20 joint" ??....
I think a dub is an 1/8th. Don't quote me on that. "flippin young-ins" and there "new" slang how are us old fogeys
supposed to know what is going on. but $20 an 1/8 is some serious schwagg if your gettin it off the street.

p.s. Hick that is about the "weirdest" smiley I have every seen. hahahaha
comeon dude, you know the price,im sure youve been buyin dubbs for years,aint shit change ,i preffer 2 dimes over a dubb becuase you get skimped quick ,for like 3 j's ,2 dimes youll get 4 j and hard to skimp.some people get mad and ask ,why dont you get a dubb,tell them its 1 for me 1 for my freind.i know a dude ,he gives me 3 for 20 9 for 50 and anything over in wieght the 3 for 20 is dimes of course
Now I am confused.
I don't know wallawalla. I grow my own. dude. I just seen someone else on a thread use the term dub.
When I used to buy it was 1/8th, quarter, half, ounce, QP, and pound.
Now its grab the jar labeled aug. 2003.;) :D
p.s. Hick that is about the "weirdest" smiley I have every seen. hahahaha
..that's my "Brokeback Mountain" smiley..
i buy dubs all the time from the same person and he hook it up fat i get some fat sacks and its some dank i say 20$ is worth it all i need is a bowl and ill be cool for a long time then ill pack another ect..
aity when somone asks for a dub there are reffering tot he price, its the same thing as asking for a 20 bag or a "Duece"
Yea thats how its always worked around here. A dub is whatever your dealer will give you for 20 bucks. a mexi shwag dub is usually a quarter ounce and a 'chronic' (not the strain) dub is between 1G and 1.6 G's. So, atleast around here if your paying more than 20 for a 'dub' you are indeed not buying one if that makes any sense?
yea, your just getting, ripped off ,unless its, kb,dro,tie, any good strain ,goes for ,20 ,a gram .if your paying more ,than a dubb ,you may be ,getting more ,than a dubb .a dub ,you should get,1.5to1.7 grams
i take a walk down the block and get about 5 grams of some tight shit for 20 right now. :D
yeah 4 blunts ,thats what i mean,i not all that in to grams ,i was just taking a guess.ill even slide 5. come on kid i know the streets i been copin weed out the city since i was 13.i from arlington va,10 mins from dc,. if there aint none around ,last resort.i dont go in the hood ,unless i have to.nothin but trouble
shit, in my towm a dub is a gram($20.00). I think the dub should be like 4 grams for $20.00
20.00??? In My Day...a Dime Was A You Know How Much Condoms Where?.....
With an avatar like that condoms are the last thing on my mind. hahahahahaha
miss molly hahaha love that quote from half baked.. but in answer... i dunno. ... we never used em hahaha
holy shit did you see that bitchs face ,,,,,,,,
$10/gram $20/2grams $40/3.5 grams (4.0 from a friend) $80/quarter gram $140/half gram $240/gram of course thats "retail". Depends who ya' know.

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