is 250 hps enough

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Apr 11, 2011
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hi very new to growing and have a few flowering room is 7ft tall...4 1/2 ft wide and 3 1/2 ft deep....i have a 250 the light enough for my sapce? only trying to grow 1 or 2 plants....i have purp #1 from dr chronic....please help all.....thank you....i will try and get pics up soon.....thanks again
A 250 watt is way too small. I would suggest a 600 watt for that space.
:yeahthat: from what ive learnd, yup 600 hps
You want 5000 lumens per sq ft for flowering. A 250W puts out between 25,000 and 28,000. So it is good for a space between 5 and 5.6 sq ft (about 2.5' x 2.5'). You have 15.75 sq ft..
thanks THG....hey iyo, do you think it is possible to get half pound out of one plant wit my space and goal is to learn how to get a great yeild from one plant instead of many plants.....all help would be doing a DWC
thanks ruffy and soon as i get the cash...i will upgrade
For that size room you will need to go with a higher wattage IF you plan on using the full footprint. You say you are only doing 1-2 plants so I will assume you will be keeping them directly under your light. In that case you may get by with that size bulb but don't plan on getting a high yield. You will need to put the plant into flower as soon as it's sexed so it doesn't veg too, long. That size bulb will not penetrate thru the canopy so any lower buds will be under lit. If you plan to go with the 600w, make sure your ventilation is adequate for the additional heat it will put out.
D-Bot-ness said:
thanks THG....hey iyo, do you think it is possible to get half pound out of one plant wit my space and goal is to learn how to get a great yeild from one plant instead of many plants.....all help would be doing a DWC

No, probably not even close. An 8 oz plant would be huge and IMO, there is no way you can do it with a 250W. I personally have never grown a plant indoors that yielded over 5.5 ozs. If you decide to go with just one plant, I would recommend scrogging or LST. Smaller wattage lights lose intensity faster over space. With a 250W, you are going to want to keep your lights close to your canopy, keep your plants smaller and do some training.

However, that being said, I think it is a mistake to just grow one plant at a time. I would recommend a 600W and 4 plants in your space if you want 1/2 lb yields. You are also going to need ventilation regardless of the type of light you use.

If you decide to keep the space and use the 250W, I would make the room smaller. Even if you have the plants directly under the light, the light will disburse throughout your entire space resulting in loss of lumens--you need your space the right size for your light.
thanks guys....THG i kw wht scrog is....but wht is LST?....i will step up to the 600 hps....wit that said....can u tell me wht strain gives a good yield, and where i can order them from? im n the usa.....i have purp #1 n veg now....and i have some orange bud fem seeds too......thanks a bunch
Attitude, link at top of page, ships to the US.
You should order a strains that gives you the kind of high you want and, IMO, quantity should be second to quality. You could also take some clones from your purp if it is in veg now.
thanks HAMSTER....THG i feel ya on quality or quantity....i hate somkin bad purp is only 2 weeks old...from seed...i nute burned the hell out of it tho....guess thats wht i get for bein high..while doin have been flushin it for about 2 days now....but i do plan on cloning a lil practice with the bag seed im turned hermi on me n the 2nd week of flowering tho...i c u run a hydro set up u mind me askin wht type of nutes u use and wht type do u think would be good for a my self? im using liquid earth now.....thanks...hamster
I use General Hydroponics 3 part Flora series of nutes--very easy to use and relatively inexpensive. I also usually find I have to add some Cal-Mag in flowering.

Seedlings do not need or want nutes until they are 3-4 weeks old. And then, start out with very weak nutes and work your way up.
thanks a bunch more nutes till 3-4 weeks....i dont have a hydro store where i live...i have to order online....where do u get ur nutes from?...i want to try ur nutes for my purp.....i c u have been growing for a while....can u tell me if a plant gets weaker the more u clone it....if u dnt take the cuttins from the mother?.....thanks for all ur help
I generally get my nutes off E-bay. I can generally get the 3 quarts (grow, micro, and bloom) for around $35.

Although I have heard that you will get degradation if you take clones from clones from clones etc, I have not personally found that to be true.
thanks a bunch THG....i will lock all of the great info u have giving me n my to E-bay i

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