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Dec 22, 2005
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hey everyone! just a quick question. im about 10 days into my first ever grow. and have a question or of my plants seems to be growing different then the others..instead of the leaves opening up like the other plants. the leaves seem to have pulled them selfs stright veritcal and i was just wondering if this was anything to worry about or if it will be fine. also when i went in to take pics i saw a little yellowing that i think might be from overwatering (i water 1/2 cup a day..soil is very light and the soil is always dry down 2-3 inches i try to only water when the soil seems totally dry) temp feels in the mid 80s with the 600 watt hps dont know about humidity..oh and light is about 16 inches from tops of plants. thanks for any help!

ps...first time posting pics so i hope they turn out.

jan06 002.GIF

jan06 003.GIF

well they didnt turn out too well but oh well
was the seed hull stuck to the tips for awhile? looks to me like the hull just let go of it . if not maybe you might want to start your nutes . could be magnesium deficiency.even the yellowing could be a nitrogen deficiency. but other than that mine did it for 5 days till i took the tweezers and pulled the hull off. try some ferts next watering . also turn light off next pic.
the seed hull was not sprouted normal just like the others for the first week...then the last few days is when it started doing this...i had already given it nuts once at about day i dont think it is a nuts thing...they are planted in something called "Light Warrior" by Fox Farm. just noticed it says its an argo-ponic medium..whats argo-ponic? the soil dries out quickly but i thought that would be good incase i got carried away with watering. the fert is "Age Old Grow 12-6-6" by Age Old Organics. it said 1-3 teaspoons per gallon for indoor and tropical plants. so i mixed it 1 teaspoon to 1 gallon. even though the one plant died lastnight i am other 2 plants seem to be showing the same beginning signs..hopfully i can save them.. thanks for the reply
It is still too young for fertilizer. I also start it @ a 1/4 what the manuf. says in the very beggining so I don't shock the hell out of the little plant. I ussually wait until it gets its second node. 'bout week and half. If it continues to yellow I would flush it with some distilled water to get the excess fert out.

for over watering I check the holes at the bottom of the pot. I have had it dry 3 inches from the top and a mudpit at the bottom.

That light warrior is a seed starting medium. You should be fine.

It is showing signs of too much nitrogen. Leaves curling up and yellowing tips.
That fert is a little potent for the little one. nitrogen @ 12% heck miracle grow is at 15 and I have seen that torch a 2 week old plant.
If it is about 600 watts or something I would raise it up to about over 2' until it gets bigger. Sprouts don't need much of anything in the beggining. They are very very heat sensitive for the first week or so.
i did put a fan blowing on them but ill move it the fan an ok idea? i dont have any other ventilation seeing as i just started this..plan on getting a 270 cfm exhaust fan in a week or so (guy at the grow store said that would be good flow for a 50 cf box with the 600 watt hps) he said with that i should be able to get away with passive intake..does he sound right? thanks for all your help...ive learned lots from this forum in the last few months
Yeah the fan is fine. but it will not dispell enough heat from that 600w HPS. I ussually start mine off on florou then when it gets into veg. state then hit the HID. Seedlings are like new born babies. not too much food. just came out of the dark so they are sensitive to large amounts of light/heat. and fragile.

I still think you ferted too early and should water with straight distilled water. You may want to get a PH test at wal-mart or something to test the PH of your soil. It should be in the 6'S. It is easier to recover from underwatering and under fertilized than over done.
Fan is great. I would position the fan to blow on the plant not the light. It causes microscopic tears in the stem. The plant repairs them which makes the plant stronger and bigger, tighter buds.


Scratch the distilled watering. Here is what I would do. Fill some pots with just the potting soil not fert. carefully transplant it into those pots and water with distilled very very slowly around the base of the stem/dirt. postion the fan to blow above the plants until they heal. I would do it tonite. If you others died and the ones left living are getting the same symptoms, I have a very strong feeling that the fertilizer is frying you plants. The pics I couldn't see the color of the leaves very well. Raise the light. The worst that happens is a small amount of stretching.
Ditch the plants you have now; they'll never recover enough to be worth it.

Install flo-thru ventilation.

Use potting soil with NO added nutrients, plant the seeds 1/2" deep, on their sides.

The soil for seedlings should be kept slightly moist.

Start feeding at day 12 at 1/2 strength.

Distance fron bulb to plant top:
starting--30"--34". After sprouting, lower light by about an inch/day, until you get to 21", and maintain this distance.

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