It's All Over

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May 25, 2005
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For the most part, the growing season in over for us outdoor growers.
We've had a month of overnight temps in the low 30's--upper 20's, and a few days ago we got just a light dusting of snow at the upper elevations not too far away.
Unless you're growing sativa's in a warmer climate, or in the southern hemisphere, outdoor growing is over for '05.
No more daily trips to the garden, no more wondering what each plant would yield, no more marvelling at all the different ways different strains grow.
On the plus side, no more wondering what each plant would yield, and what the smoke would be like, no more worries about rippers.
This year I grew mostly early-maturing indica's; those are all dried and cured and sealed/stored til needed. I grew 1 big-ass sativa that I just finished harvesting a few days ago.

So for the next year I'll be enjoying the fruits of my labor and nature's bounty.
And already I'm making plans for next year.
A guru, like yourself, is the only one that deserves what the last line says.

always sharing valuable info, stories, and opinions. thanks.

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