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Dec 29, 2006
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So finally I get around to growing. Who would have thought? Without mp it never would have happened. I'm going to need all the help I can get. As of now, i have nothing. So we're all in this together...from the beginning :p . First off let me tell you about my plans for a set landlord lives upstairs so some of this could get sketchy. i have a double door closet..but it has **** in it so i think thats out. i was thinking a cabinet set up? what do you think? the bud is for personal use so i think i'm gunna grow only one plant..for an small as possible. at first i thought a lowryder but now i'm not so sure...maybe just a really small strain..any ideas? lowryders seem to be sold out and i couldn't find any companies shipping in canada...which i wanted for speed of delivery. i'm also concerned about smell..preferably a strain which wont be detectable from inside my room..back to the cabinet...what size should i be looking for? so many questions...i think those will give me a start...i'm sure i'll have more soon...check back with you guys later.
if you landlord lives upstairs i think the first thing i would get would be a carbon

you should look thru the brothers grunt collection of grow room designs, they are pretty crafty with small encloser.

things you need to remember is size, since your looking at lowryder strains i think you've got the general idea.

what type of lighting are you thinking of using? heat will be an issue with a smaller space so cfl lighting or flouros might be your best bet.

one plant at a time will be a slow process, maybe a couple at a time, since your growing from seed you will still need to determine the females, if your going one plant at a time then you will have to wait thru veg till you are ready to flower to determine the sex of the plant, if its male you get to start all over. if you grow ten plants, if you get 5 females your lucky.
Ok so i looked up some carbon filters..expensive...any cheap recommendations? lights i haven't looked into yet...first i need the cabinet and the seeds..if i'm growing three at a time width of the cabinet will be an issue..i'll look into tbg's designs..feminized are always an option too. off to search designs...
i just found a great one. i just put a post up on it, check it out!

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