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First post, gotta question, I've read all of the threads but still it's not quiet clear and I'm not big on supprises... izzit true or not that the fan leaves gradually die out from the bottom up as the flowers gain maturity?
The reason I ask is... back when I was a youngster and doing a bit of guerilla gardening, it wasn't uncommon to see the lower leaves die of in the fall... so I guess a better way to pose the question is... Under "optimum" indoor conditions, ALL leaves should maintain their composition throughout the entire life cycle of the plant?, true or false?
It is the natural process of the plant for the leaves to fall off when the plant is in the late stages of growth. The leaves store nutrients and during flowering the plant uses these nutrients in the leaves and the leaves die and fall off as a result.
THX insane, cleared that up for me... not to that point yet, just didn't want to be supprised..
Yep well dont get scared when they leaves do start falling off as long as theres no resulting fungus of any kind, but like I said the leaves falling off normally means the plant is nearly ready to harvest.

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