jock horror problem

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Apr 4, 2005
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After 2 days of flowering, I noticed that 4 of my plants the leafs are burned or something. Is it a mag problem?
I had odor control in there can that cause to rot?
Only the topper parts of the plants are affected. ozone generator? I've heard they can cause similar damage.
Hi bizzy,
I just flowered out a couple of Jack Herers (pretty much same plant) and had no problems although I heard they could be "difficult". Getting clones to go from them, AL or cut'n'stick, is turning out to be really difficult however, with in many cases the leaves of the newly (slowly!) rooted clones rotting from the bottom up.
Throw some salts at them I'd say!
Good luck, the smoke's good!
What does throw some salts at them mean? I have the same problem with mine, if anyone knows what to do or if you solved it yourself lemme know.
What does throw some salts at them mean?
I'm not sure skunk, must be a Euro' thing.:D
The pictures don't really look like magnesium deff., "IMO". Mag deff usually shows a cupping or canoeing in the leaves along with chlorosis between the veins. That actually looks like more of a burn of some type, to me.
Hick, that cupping thing where the leaves look like canoes, it looks like its going on with my plant. How can i treat this. You said somthing about magnesium? I have them under a condensed fluro, its 120 v and a regular 40 w bulb... I know I know it's chincy but i'm just getting started. I feed them with miracle grow for tomoatos once a week in there water and it has magnesium in it. ... what do you think? it gain..carefully
manganese?..or magnesium?

magnesium deff can be treated with 1 tbsp of epsom saltz per gallon of water. You can foliar spray AND water with this mix.
Bizzy is right, Miracle grow should be used as a last resort. It's not designed for MJ.
... if it's not a magnesium def., did you maybe give them a good dose of flower ferts when you changed light schedule? That might have burnt them. If it remains localised, don't worry: JH does all sorts of weird little things... touchy little pedigree!
Quote: Originally Posted by SkunkNo2 What does throw some salts at them mean? Quote: Originally Posted by Hick I'm not sure skunk, must be a Euro' thing. Quote: Originally Posted by Hick magnesium deff can be treated with 1 tbsp of epsom saltz per gallon of water.
I was told it's a nutrient burn, so I flushed and foliar feed them with balanced water every day for the past 2 weeks. They are doing great now, new growth looks good. I also verified 8 females out of 9 JH plants. How lucky am I? I didn't really think I would get that much females, I guess I have to give a few away since i'm running out of space. I will update some new pictures in grow journal.

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